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Reservation / Booking Agents

Starting $949 / Month

Overcoming the common hurdle of securing quality staff, we specialize in delivering top-tier agents tailored to diverse industries and global markets. Capitalizing on the online potential, our reservation tasks excel in an offshore setting, ensuring simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Choose Quampetence to elevate your operational efficiency—whether in hospitality, travel, or beyond—where customized solutions redefine excellence in booking and reservations on a global scale.

  • Take reservation requests via phone from all clients (automobile/medical service/lawyers/plumbing company/electrician company, etc.).

  • Manage and follow up with clients for existing reservations. 

  • Send email invites for reservations/appointments.

  • Conduct follow-up calls with prospective clients (e.g., car dealers, existing patients, or new patients for doctors, follow up with previous-year clients).

  • Provide chat support for scheduling reservations and answering some generic questions.

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We’ve got a team of offshoring specialists who can help you hire your team. From offshore pricing models and securing quality offshore teams, to labor cost savings and sourcing specialist talent in India. Send us an email or fill the form.

We’re experts at offshore outsourcing and we’re here to help.

What happens next?​

1. We connect with you and understand your requirements

2. Share resumes and conduct interviews

3. Candidates starts working & Billing commences

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