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Real Estate Assistant

Starting $949 / Month

Efficiently manage the dynamics of real estate with Quampetence. Our seasoned real estate agents excel across industries and global landscapes, adeptly navigating market fluctuations and ensuring rigorous legal compliance. We redefine client service by tailoring our approach to diverse needs and expectations. Embrace innovation alongside us, leveraging the latest property management software and online marketing tools to maintain a competitive edge in the digital age. Elevate your real estate journey with our professional prowess, where adaptability seamlessly combines with excellence.

  • Handling prospective clients and appointment scheduling.

  • Create and handle contractual documentation. 

  • Schedule tours by sending proper calendar invites.

  • Manage property inspections with service providers.

  • Provide support for all questions from prospective clients.

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We’ve got a team of offshoring specialists who can help you hire your team. From offshore pricing models and securing quality offshore teams, to labor cost savings and sourcing specialist talent in India. Send us an email or fill the form.

We’re experts at offshore outsourcing and we’re here to help.

What happens next?​

1. We connect with you and understand your requirements

2. Share resumes and conduct interviews

3. Candidates starts working & Billing commences

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